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When I clicked over to the Atea website one afternoon last week I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Ten minutes in, I scrolled through all the contents of their stock and made a mental wish list that tallied up to the multi-thousand pound mark. Oops.

This is really saying something because there isn't that much to wade through on the site, the collection is small but (be warned) it packs a mighty punch. It's made up of basics in navy, white and grey with a few stripes thrown in for good measure.

Need I even say that this is my formula for no-fuss everyday dressing?

Atea provides the building blocks necessary to create the perfect wardrobe. From their simple wide-legged trousers to round necked grey sweatshirts, the collection is full of the sort of items you'd reach for day-after-day for countless seasons to come. This is what I love about the brand so much. You won't find any fancy logos or explicit branding, instead they just provide well-cut good quality pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a slew of classic looks. My absolute favorite piece is the navy striped racer dress. There's something sort of nineties inspired about the neckline and I love that it has darts at the bust that create the perfect fitted shape. Here's to hoping I can avoid the high street and instead save my pennies for some of the luxury essentials that Atea have to offer.

Images via Atea.