utterly ridiculous...

Some of my favourite moments from Tuesday's tea party: the amazing company 'is it the Becks talking? or are you actually inviting us to Sweden?', 'there's a face on that cake!', the un-classy side of the table that drank bubbly and 2 for 1 becks and ate cheese 'this is ruddy well good', 'show me your stripes!', old men in the background of shots, kit's fantastical twirling cape, 'i want to hold your hand and take a photo of your ring' and then not even get the ring in focus, jackie's post tea psycho robotics, 'no, i'm pretty sure. you used to dance. i think you did ballet' 'i really didn't.' 'yah, you did. i think i read it somewhere' 'no, but i can do a back bend.'

Pictured: Jackie, Daniella, Kensington Palace Orangery, Kiki & Tobz, Shini, and Kit. Photo effect inspired by Kit's lomography.
p.s. thanks for all the very sweet and encouraging comments you've sent my way regarding my essay drama (see yesterdays post below)! i really appreciate it!