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Forever Yours

Buy now. Love forever.

Seeing past the allure of the fast-fashion fix can have longterm benefits. Six years on and I still love these Balenciaga boots.

I really really like fashion but I really really do not like shopping.

The reason? I seldom know what to buy. I find adding pieces to my wardrobe stressful. Maybe it's because my expectations are far too high. I want my closet to operate like a finely curated collection that works in perfect harmony - each piece pairing with the others effortlessly, none ever going out of style. That is my dream not my reality. Because when it comes to shopping I too often get blindsided by sales or trends and am left regretting my purchase, wishing I had just forked out the cash for a simple cashmere sweater instead of whatever monstrosity caught my eye in that heated moment of crazed sartorial desire.

Simple. Basic. Covetable

That's what I like and it often doesn't find itself marked down 70%. That's why this holiday season I'm determined to steer away from the alluring sales and save for items that I truly love instead. I know what makes me happy when it comes to getting dressed and it isn't the heavily discounted items I've purchased on a whim. 

To help solidify my determination to avoid the holiday sale madness I got some advice from Chase on how to save effectively. Their new all mobile bank Finn recently launched in St Louis. It was designed specifically with millennials in mind and makes saving and keeping track of your finances super easy and intuitive.  Check out our tips below and join me in avoiding the December sale madness.



Saving Strategies to Help Maintain Laser Focus in Light of Sale Madness:

1.    Choose something to save for

  • It doesn't have to be massive like a new house or car... a Gucci t-shirt perhaps or a summer holiday to Italy. That sounds realistic and doable to me. 

2.    Keep track of your expenses as wants vs. needs

  • Use a tool that will help you do this easily. Finn by Chase lets users mark their expenses as needs or wants and you can even mark them with a like, frown or angry face emoji depending on how it makes you feel.
  • Gucci t-shirt probably a want. Holiday to Italy... maybe a need?

3.    Make a Budget and stick to it

  • Be realistic about purchasing power. Keep an eye on your finances and know how much you can spend on different things (treats v. groceries) each month. 

4.    Make Saving Automatic

  • With Finn, you can set your own autosave rules depending on your purchase. For example, save $5 every time you buy a coffee.

5.    Pick the Right Tools 

  • Whether that's Finn, another app or just an old fashioned notebook, pick a tool that works for you and stick to it.

See you on the other side of sale madness. Hopefully with no regrets. ✨

Sam Fox School of Design

Creativity undeniably feeds off creativity. When I have motivated determined people around me I can't help but also feel a sense of drive.

No one captures the essence of optimistic ambition quite like a student who is about to graduate. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Sam Fox School at Washington University to meet the graduating class of fashion design students. They were in the process of making the finishing touches to the collections that they have been working on for the past year. The mix of ideas and materials was so interesting to see - there was everything from hard wearing practical denim to a dress made out of glittering confetti. Inspiration came from peeling subway signs, the solitary nature of desert landscapes and often mixed everyday apparel with a thoughtful restructuring. 

Sometimes all it takes is a little unexpected spark to reignite a waning interest. Thank you Claire for inviting me over and thanks to the students for reminding me that there is beauty and opportunity all around.

Ella Young Collection

Whenever you can, try to support new talent and young brands. Getting a label off the ground is tricky. There is so much competition and people are more discerning than ever about how and where they spend their money.

Locally made. Sustainable. Cruelty-free. 

These aren't just terms that apply to our food but also, now, to our clothes. Fauxgerty, a little shop nestled down a side street in the ultra chic Central West End neighborhood in St. Louis, is determined to fight the wastefulness that runs rampant in the fashion industry. There's recycled polyester in their faux suede jackets and upcycled plastic bottles in their lining. The brand's founder, Chrissy Fogerty, is proving that sleek edgy designs and a mindfulness for the environment can go hand-in-hand. This is something that discerning customers are tapping into and truly want to support. Not only are Fauxgerty's buttery soft biker jackets and slouchy worn-in tees something you'll truly want to wear they also represent a greater shift in consumption and production - a visible reminder to buy less and shop smart.

Fauxgerty has been selected as a contestant in the Caleres Fashion Entrepreneur Competition. Five fashion makers will face off in a shark tank (or dragon's den if your in the UK) style competition where a $10,000 prize will be given to one winner and a $5,000 prize to a runner-up. The winner will also receive mentorship and guidance from industry experts. Establishing a new brand is a trying endeavor and I'm excited that St. Louis is taking steps to help nourish the talent that's present in the city.

I'm partnering with St. Louis Fashion Week to give away two tickets to the event taking place on November 10th at 6:30pm. If you'd like to come (and hang out with me) please leave a comment on this post indicating that you'd like to attend. Travel and accommodation costs are not included in this giveaway so please only enter if you are able to make it to St. Louis for the event. 

If you'd like to purchase tickets please head here.

In collaboration with St. Louis Fashion Week.


It's really easy to get down on a city like St Louis. It's not a place you often hear people talking about - at least not in a positive way. It doesn't stand out as a cultural highlight or rank highly on the list of most people's travel list. But that's what adds to its charm.

St Louis is the sort of city that requires its visitor to work a little.

Don't bother googling '10 best things to do in St Louis' or turn to Yelp for a list of our best restaurants. It's not that easy. The same things will come up every time. Check out the City Museum, hit up Pappy's Smokehouse, go up to the top of the Arch. These are all great and I'd recommend anyone to do them but it's the less obvious things about St Louis that really make it a treasure. 

Take the St Louis Art Museum (SLAM) for example. 

It is overflowing with world class paintings that, in no way, look like they belong in the Midwest. If you are interested in the big guns then Picasso, Monet and Chagall should float your boat. If you'd like something more off-beat then there are Warhols, Segal and Lichtensteins to tickle your fancy. Go down stairs and you'll find ancient artifacts. Or just wander around the main hall and oggle at the larger than life flower displays set against ceilings that reach up higher than the sky. 

There is truly something for everyone.

Even those that are uninterested in art can take refuge outside under the 56 foot stainless steel tree that casually sits in the grounds next the museum. So inconspicuous is it that every time we take people to the SLAM I have to point it out lest it go unnoticed.

Much like the museum itself and St Louis as a whole, unless someone takes the time to point out how awesome it is, it might get overlooked. And that, I'm afraid, would be a terrible shame.

Tank top from Old Navy, Rowan pant borrowed from Pink Sheep Heiress, slides from Urban Outfitters, Nixon customized watch courtesy of Sane Communications, canvas bag from Ganni and bittersweet hair tie bracelet courtesy of The Grommet.

Words by Jennifer Inglis

Photos taken at The St Louis Art Museum by The Style Crusader

Tate Foley

When I pulled up to the location of Tate Foley's studio Sunday afternoon I was sure I was in the wrong place.

Tucked down an idyllic suburban street in Creve Coeur, it was the last place I expected to find this artist's abode. I knocked on the door reluctantly, half expecting no one to be home but was greeted by Tate who was all smiles and warm welcomes. 

We headed down to his basement where his studio is located. There was a big Riso printer in the corner and shelves lined with design books and knick knacks. Tate gave us a whirlwind tour, showing how the Riso printer works, and unveiling some of the hidden gems of his studio - including a pack of playing cards with dinosaurs attacking humans in odd situations. After looking at a selection of Tate's work one thing was clear, everything he makes has a hint of humor. He plays with words and takes references from pop culture - one slogan he has used is Obama's ambiguous 'win the future' campaign. Tate is a printmaker who's forging his own unique path in the art industry. He has published comics, made numerous small pamphlet style books and makes pieces large enough to take center stage on anyones wall. 

A piece of Tate's work is going to be auctioned off this Friday evening at the Contemporary Art Museum in St Louis. Art: 314 is a silent auction taking place at 8pm. Tickets are currently on sale through the CAM website.

Follow Tate on Tumblr and on Instagram.

Tate Foley


I spent three weeks in the US recently. It was awesome. I ate a lot of food and got to spend lots of quality time with my family who I've sorely missed this past year. My parents bought a new house which we played in and I became best friends with their new miniature dog named Minnie. It was board games every night and early mornings, thanks to my sister's four kids and their early starts. I already can't wait for the summer when we get to go back again.

p.s. wherever you are I hope you're still feeling the holiday cheer.


While driving over to downtown St Louis to scout graffiti walls it occurred to me that blogging is a very strange thing indeed. Do I spend my days lazily leaning against paint splattered walls? No. Am I willing to drive across town in search for one to take a picture by? Yes.

 When Gap asked me to pick out my favourite items from their current collection to be put into a Christmas wish list I jumped at the opportunity. The brand has long been one of my favourites. Whenever I'm back in the US I make a beeline for their shop to stock up on basics - as I'm sure you already know, they're the best.

Wearing: Colorblock stripe sweater, 1969 always skinny jeans, shrunken leather moto jacket, cable twist cowlneck.

Photos by Stephanie Bannon