Tate Foley

When I pulled up to the location of Tate Foley's studio Sunday afternoon I was sure I was in the wrong place.

Tucked down an idyllic suburban street in Creve Coeur, it was the last place I expected to find this artist's abode. I knocked on the door reluctantly, half expecting no one to be home but was greeted by Tate who was all smiles and warm welcomes. 

We headed down to his basement where his studio is located. There was a big Riso printer in the corner and shelves lined with design books and knick knacks. Tate gave us a whirlwind tour, showing how the Riso printer works, and unveiling some of the hidden gems of his studio - including a pack of playing cards with dinosaurs attacking humans in odd situations. After looking at a selection of Tate's work one thing was clear, everything he makes has a hint of humor. He plays with words and takes references from pop culture - one slogan he has used is Obama's ambiguous 'win the future' campaign. Tate is a printmaker who's forging his own unique path in the art industry. He has published comics, made numerous small pamphlet style books and makes pieces large enough to take center stage on anyones wall. 

A piece of Tate's work is going to be auctioned off this Friday evening at the Contemporary Art Museum in St Louis. Art: 314 is a silent auction taking place at 8pm. Tickets are currently on sale through the CAM website.

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Tate Foley