London Fashion Week: DAY 1

Currently, I'm riding off three hours of sleep and a six piece chicken mcnugget... oh, the glamour of attending fashion week. It certainly has it's highs (Marcus Wilmont recognizing me?) and its lows (severely blistered feet) but overall there is just a bizarre sense of delirium that sort of lingers over your head, forcing you to say ridiculous things like, 'Do you have tickets to BBQ?' (Kit). So here is the deal pumpkins, last year I failed to post on loads of shows I attended because the backlog of images was just insanely overwhelming, so I'm doing things a bit different this time. Each day, you'll get a highlight of my favourite moments from all the shows and all the action going on at, and around, the glorious Somerset House (I say glorious very loosely, it was so cold today and heavy rain is being forecasted for the next three days). If there's anything super special I'll do a separate post on it at another time but for now I just want to bring you as much of what is going on as humanly possible. If there is anything in particular you want to see more of just let me know and I'll try to get it... unless it's a nipple slip on the catwalk that you're after, in which you came to the wrong site.


The hotly pursued Matthew Zorpas was on form as per usual, only this year he has stepped things up a notch and has a camera crew following him around to each venue. It is mental and slightly intoxicating to be around. 'Matthew Zorpas: the film'... it does have a certain ring to it. Other things that caused excitement included: Caroline Mode and her gorgeous yellow Celine tote bag shooting first thing in the morning, Face Hunter looking unusually bright eyed, and the eerily omnipresent power of Twitter (Daniella was likely typing, 'omg... so glad to have Starbucks finally')

9:00am: Paul Costelloe

Personally, I thought the Costelloe show kicked off fashion week well. It had an inherently youthful and playful feel to it. Bouncy skirts, colour blocked yellow and pink suits, plus a print that resembled Christmas wrapping paper (come on people, this is an Autumn Winter collection after all, what's not to like about that??). The hair was channeling a bit of a Topshop Unique Spring 2011 vibe and the collection sort of reminded me of Mulberry's shapes... but overall, I thought there were some sweet pieces, and it was all very wearable.

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1:15 pm: Corrie Nielsen

This was my favourite show. Corrie, who won Fashion Fringe last year, put on a mind-blowingly atmospheric production. From the music, to the speed at which the models walked, everything was spot on and actually quite moving. It almost felt like it was from a different world altogether.

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3:45 pm: Aminaka Wilmont

Decidedly darker than their previous collection, Aminaka Wilmont sent down a slew of fabrics that were a mishmash of different animal prints with gorgeous leather jackets and soft knits. Together it had a coherent vibe that channelled a forbidden and enraged creature from the jungle (cue yellow eyed models). I did backstage photography and also had a little chat with Marcus Wilmont after the show... but will save that for tomorrow. For now, I'm off to bed to get a few hours of sleep before it all starts up again tomorrow.

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View each designers entire collection on the British Fashion Council's website here: Paul Costelloe, Corrie NielsenAminaka Wilmont.

Please Note: all photography is my own. If you'd like to use any images please feel free but credit accordingly, because otherwise you are stealing, which isn't cool. Unless, of course, you fancy being made a fool like Wynona Ryder when she was caught shoplifting... just sayin.