What I wore: LFW Day 1

The day started off feeling like bare legs was a somewhat reasonable option and then it just got colder and colder as it progressed. Ah well, what's a little shivering when you have friends whose cosy scarves you can snuggle up in. Woke up feeling a bit worse for wear yesterday. I blame it on the fact that I got to bed at 4:00 am and the seriously questionable Mexican food I ate in Notting Hill. Fashion week parties and 8am starts... it's a very bad combination.

Wearing: Flyaway Dress and Coco shoes in bright yellow by Patouf, vintage Barneys biker jacket by IL2L, Mulberry oak Alexa bag (My Wardrobe), American Apparel cardigan and gloves, Past Times owl necklace, and vintage fur.

A big thank you to Anna from Patouf for sending me the dress and shoes all the way from Stockholm. I am obsessed with both and just wish the weather was a bit warmer so I could show them off better. Thanks also to Jazmin from Conker Communications for the jacket and Susie from My-Wardrobe for the bag. Without you guys I'd be pretty much naked.

Photos taken by Shini.