is it just me...

or does everyone with short hair feel mocked by the world right about now?
why didn't anyone tell me that i would be desperate for long hair as soon as i saw these photos from alexander wang?? they just look so gorgeous and effortlessly chic.
ok, ok. reality check. i would have had to have been growing my hair for the past five years for it to get that long... on second thought, it probably never would get that long, and if it did would look like a serious ratty mess and be too thin to even make such a luscious braid.
these photos of the models from the wang spring/summer 2010 runway show seem to be everywhere, and people with long hair seem to be everywhere too... mocking me. why is it none of them are doing the braid themselves?? has no one told them about the wang braid...??!?

p.s. what is it with everyone wearing red these days? seriously everyone is wearing red. is there some secret 'lets all wear red in january' party going on (that i clearly wasn't invited to)? i normally only wear red the week that surrounds christmas... i know, i am boring.