drip drop... drip drop....

Heavy snow was forecast and instead rain is falling.... I guess the upside is it looks more like Spring is on its way?

I never thought I would put a photo of myself up on here... but lately I have been thinking 'if everyone else can do it, why can't I?' Well... let's be honest, there are a number of reasons (boring outfits, shoddy photos, etc etc etc). Today I have manned up though. I would be ever so grateful to hear any of your thoughts on this new addition of 'me' to the blog...


J.Crew Wool Harbor Peacoat

Alternative Earth Eco-Hoodie

Silence + Noise Pull on Jean

Hunter 'Lady N' Wellington Boots

Alexander McQueen Flapper Shoulder Bag

Malchick & Devotcha Native American Skull T-Shirt

Lord & Taylor Cashmere Beanie

I am a little in love with this t-shirt. I got it for $5 in the UO after Christmas sales... along with 14 other t-shirts and 2 dresses (


$5! you can't even get a coffee in the UK for $5).

Also, you can see my little camera in that second photo... oh my oh my, I am desperate for


. If you have any advice on cameras I would love to hear it... not that I will be able to get a new one anytime soon... my birthday is coming up in April though.... a girl can always dream, right?

currently listening to:

Asa - Jailer

currently reading: Isaiah Berlin 'The Proper Study of Mankind'

'The nature of things does not madden us, only ill will does.'

p.s. a big thank you to jill at

street style london

for mentioning me in her recent post on london fashion. i absolutely adore her blog.