oh, youngsters these days....

ok, let's be honest: sweats are rarely done well.
no lie, they are truly a necessity... but not a way of looking cool. alright, we have all seen photos of Paris Hilton rocking this fabulous look. ludicrously overpriced sweats have, at times, been all the rage.... i get it. juicy couture started an insane trend that saw the most covetable item every girl sought being velour tracksuits. i'm not above reproach here ladies, i had a teal one... but i'm not proud of it.
ok... enough of my general anxiety regarding overpriced sweats.
this boy looks lame.
he's not even sagging... the crotch is just that low for the sake of it. i think grey sweats like that are ugly, and i think when they have an extended crotch that reaches well below your knees making you do a penguin-waddle in order to keep up with your friends.... well, let's be honest, it's even uglier.
p.s. has anyone seen nacho libre? it is actually my favourite movie and jack black says sweats in the most hilarious way. check out the trailer to see... he says it at the 50second mark (after which is another good example of how not to wear sweats).