Backstage: Aminaka Wilmont

Models at the Aminaka Wilmont show yesterday wore yellow contact lenses and had elaborate designs braided into their hair. After the show, when I had the chance to interview Marcus Wilmont I asked him how much input him and Maki have on the entire production. Do designers have the time to dictate hair and makeup or are they more focused on the individual pieces? He said they were both deeply involved in all the elements that went into the show and knew just how they wanted to use the overall appearance of the models to emphasize the theme of the collection. Their 7th season has been named Totem and is influenced by the concept of creating a new tribe. Totem poles, primitive religions, and animals are all expressed through the range of bold prints, soft knits, and painfully covetable leather items. Personally, I loved the darker vibe and thought the model's complete intensity in appearance only worked to further the durability of the collection.

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Thank you Mercedes for inviting me backstage, I had such a blast. Also, big thank you to Marcus for taking the time to chat to me. I hope you managed to have that calm dinner with your brothers last night!

View the entire Autumn Winter 2011 Aminaka Wilmont Collection here.