will you succumb to the power of beige?

Everyone is getting a bit stir crazy for Autumn. Blustery weather is already starting to settle in over England and this is only spurring on people's dreams about what the new season has to offer. At the top of everyone's concern seems to be colour. As if that's not a dull enough topic of conversation already the colour of choice isn't helping to heat things up: beige. We haven't even attempted to spice it up by giving it some sort of phantom-name to disguise its boring nature, like perhaps cinnamon or chestnut. At least that would conjure up more exciting emotions than beige: all that springs to mind is infinite nothingness. Not too awe inspiring of a way to usher in the new season, I'd argue. Anyway, it seems we've got Chloe to thank for all this bland colour hoopla that is stirring up the fashion magazines and bloggers alike. The creative director, Hannah MacGibbon, sent one beige head-to-toe ensemble down the catwalk followed by another until she finally conceded and threw in one model covered in black leather and a couple in grey pant suits. While Chloe seems to be getting all the credit for this 'fashion forward' look it wasn't the only house to send the monotone sandy look down the runway. Prada, A.F. Vandevorst and Michael Kors also gave it a whirl - though they didn't have their entire show dominated by the ensemble alone. Chloe was the only one that stuck their neck out for the trend. The brand also championed the 'new trouser shape', or what actually is the return of the old '70s trouser shape: read high waists and full legs that flare out past the knee. Great. So, my skin will be looking pasty, since inevitably that's the only way it could possibly look with beige next to it, while I'm tipped over on the side of the road because my flares are caught in my bike chain... this is one two-part trend I will be avoiding.