Strange how a single item can totally transform the way you feel. As soon as this dark purple shade started transferring onto my lips I felt my inner goth come to life. Actually, I had it in my mind that I was going to wear this colour even if it looked ridiculous and was shocked by how wearable it actually is. An almost blackish purple that feels so perfectly right for this time of year. Reactions have been mixed: 'it's scary and your going to freak out kids' to 'it should be your new trademark'. We'll see what comes of it... but I hope it wont be like all my other lipsticks that I wear once and then let fall to the bottom of the basket.
Wearing: MAC lipstick in Cyber, AA grey t-shirt, Madewell jacket, Urban Outfitters jeans, Monki boots.
p.s. I'm entered into the Refinery 29 Next Big Style Blogger competition. If you happen to feel so inclined (and want to send me to New York for a week, yaaaah baby, come on) you can vote here. I'm under 'Jennifer' from 'Oxford'. xx