the people you meet when hiding from the rain...

At Somerset House on Tuesday it was pouring down with rain and freezing. I sought refuge by the Lavazza coffee van and luckily wound up with some pretty great company. This is Kit Lee of Style Slicker. I took the photos of her below before I met her - as you can see she's got a great sense of style. I love the little pops of red. She refers to herself as being an 'amateur photographer' but her work doesn't look very amateur to me. She had lots of backstage access to the shows at LFW and her blog is filled with incredible photos of all things beautiful.

Meet the man who runs the blog composed of gorgeous and candid photos of some of the worlds most beautiful people - Altamira: Models off Duty. I can't lie to you, he is a bit of a legend. He moved to New York with 'no friends, no family, and not even a room to rent' and now gets flown around the world to document the beautiful things that take place at and around extraordinary events. I only met him briefly. Like us, he was seeking shelter from the nasty rain. He was so down to earth (see the camera tucked under his jacket?) and was off to try to score some free soup that apparently was lurking around in one of the buildings.
Shini of Park & Cube. I have said it before, but that wont stop me from saying it again - I adore her blog for the beauty of the photographs as well as her honest and funny take on things. She has incredible style and isn't afraid of trying off-beat things... but somehow manages to look totally natural in it, not try hard at all. She is totally devoted to what she does... carrying around a massive bag with two enormous cameras all day - pain is no issue. Also made me laugh when she attempted to eat her chocolate crepe and nutella started oozing out of every pore of the poor thing... messy, but looked seriously good.
This is David Nyazi. There was a bit of a frenzy happening around him... everyone wanted to snap his photo. Turns out he's been attending fashion week since 2006, I suppose you start to develop a bit of a following at these things? He's got a blog called the Nyazi Report. It's full of witty entries (for example the latest on the way bloggers are influencing the fashion world) and inspiring photos... lots of beautiful shoes, accessories, and style.

My blogging world mentor - Jill of Street Style London. She is the most genuine and giving person - willing to make the effort to help anyone out and doesn't do it looking for anything in return. Outgoing, determined, motivated, ambitious, she is always searching for the next shot but doesn't take herself too seriously. She booked me in for my first haircut I had gotten after an 8 month neglect and is always willing to meet up for cupcakes and a chat. She is great, and her blog is great too. She has such a beautiful insight - her words are often as breathtaking as the photos that accompany them. I absolutely adore her and appreciate the way she has taken me under her wing and helped introduce me to this wild world of blogging. She was photographing these girls below (who are models) and while they were just standing there doing the typical stand-there-and-stare-straight-pose she said, 'no, no, do something... you know, model-y' - and this is what they did. I thought it was pretty cute.