it is remarkably sunny in the UK today. i woke up singing black eyed peas 'i got a feeling' but substituting the words 'tonight' for march and 'night' for month... it is scary the sort of euphoria sun in the country causes. it has been such a rarity lately that it actually feels like a bit of a drug. so today, to my excitement, it was warm outside and perfect weather for busting out the much neglected sunglasses. i spotted this lovely girl, izi, sitting outside starbucks with a group of boys. i asked if i could take her photo and one of them said, 'ah, she gets that a lot', 'really?' i asked, 'uh... no.' was the reply i got. well, i would have believed it. she is naturally gorgeous and pretty much oozes a sly confidence. i asked her if she was a student, which it turns out she is. i seem to remember seeing her around starbucks a lot, does she ever go to class? 'yah, but it was sunny today...' quite right izi. i definitely agree. march has started off with an incredibly beautiful beginning... definitely not the sort of day to go to class.

izi wears: vintage jacket, grandmother's floral top, topshop shorts, dorothy perkins shoes.

thought you might like a little break from LFW style... i have still got loads more to show you from it though, i hope you don't mind?