Savage Beauty

The McQueen exhibition at the Met is incredible. People were waiting in line for hours to get in. Surely a show that has received so much hype wouldn't be able to live up to my expectations, I thought as I walked in. Not so. Each room is perfectly presented and, to my mind, did McQueen absolute justice.

It begins with McQueen's graduate collection and work from his time at Givenchy before moving on to his later work. One massive room is devoted to accessories and has films playing throughout with snapshots into some of his most extraordinary catwalk productions (cue robotic paint jobs from SS1999 and the chessboard from SS2005). Although there is vast variation between collections a core aesthetic carries between each room - making it remarkably evident that McQueen had a solid vision that was continuously perfected through each new collection. The room focusing on this AW1995 collection, Highland Rape, was my absolute favourite. The day we went the temperature was sitting at over 105 degrees. We walked across Central Park, felt serious sympathy for all the runners, and tried to slurp down our yoghurt before it melted into one giant puddle. A pretty heavenly day I'd have to say... if you happen to find yourself in New York, definitely check out Savage Beauty.

Wearing: random sunglasses bought on ebay, Ralph Lauren polo, Levi 501 diy shorts, white converse, YSL arty ring, and Half n' Half bag from One Language. More photos here.