Times Square

During my time in New York I was extremely lucky. I got to stay in two incredibly beautiful hotels. The first was the Paramount... where I got to lie my head for five nights in the insanely lush Couture Suite. I had a view from my room of Times Square and all it's insanity. Since I'm pretty new to the city it was so much fun to be right in the centre of all the madness.


Of course, it was absolutely baking the entire time I was in town and the one occasion I decided to take photos in Times Square it decided to pour down with rain. Having this Elizabeth Lau dress made the heat a bit more bearable! The arms are cut super deep so you get a bit of a breeze in through the side and it's really light weight. I'm a little in love with the slight kimono feel to the shape and the crazy circular girl print. I spent the entire week in my new white converse without socks... resulting in two massive blisters on the bottom of each of my feet. Rookie error, what was I thinking?


Wearing: Elizabeth Lau Brooklyn dress (aptly NY themed, eh?), white Converse, Topshop armour ring, and random canvas bag with Elizabeth Lau heart pins attached.