From the very first time I spotted the Proenza Schouler rope bracelet I couldn't get it out of my head... a bit of Proenza that I could actually afford. But, a bit of Proenza that was rope... and for 130 pounds?! Sadly, as much as I wish my pockets were lined with 50 pound notes they aren't and I just couldn't justify it. So when I walked into a hardware store a few weeks ago and saw the rows of brightly coloured rope staring back at me... I just knew they were dying to be morphed into a Proenza Schouler rope bracelet wannabe and, with a little help from the notorious Dr Crusader, they were.

Behold, my first official DIY that made it out the front door and onto my body in a public place! I use the term my very lightly because, you see, while I might have been the creative voice behind the project, the execution took place in the Dr's lab with all sorts of scientific material. Personally I think it gives the original a run for its money...

Chances are you've seen lots of various Proenza Schouler bracelet diy posts popping up across the blogosphere. Style Scrapbook and even Nylon Magazinedabbled in a bit of homemade bracelet mania. So what do you think, as good as the original?

Wearing: borne by Elise Berger Ritter top (HPR London), UO jeans, Zara pink satin sandals, and a Proenza Schouler inspired diy bracelet - all supplies available at your local hardware store.

p.s. second DIY involved chopping a few inches off these jeans - now that I managed on my own.