DIY clutz

Is anybody else a bit of a DIY clutz?

I can't cut straight or sew a hem. Notoriously crap at doing things myself, when I try to make a pair of levis into shorts it usually takes about three attempts and even then they are still lopsided. I don't buy vintage and revamp it into magical pieces that perfectly suit me or alter last seasons items to make them perfectly now. I'd rather fork out 50 quid for a plain leather clutch then attempt to make it myself because I just know it will end in disaster. It always does. Last weekend I attempted to poke some studs through a plaid shirt which only resulted in my favourite checked shirt looking like some sort of punk rock toddler attacked it.

Personally I blame the DIY blogger gods for this. People like Geneva and Shini who whip up Jil Sander-esque pink full skirts by the bucket load and cut cardigans in half to make them two-toned. They trick me into thinking I too can pull off a DIY with the ease that they can. The truth is I think I'm just a wee bit too impatient. Anyway, I attempted two little DIYs recently which I don't think are too offensively grotesque... but I'll let you be the judge of that. More photos to follow soon.