Dear Lucy,

I'm familiar with you from such blogs as Vanessa Jackman. You don't know me but I'm proud to say I've been your style stalker for quite some time now. Why are so cool? You're like the coolest thing I've ever seen. I discovered you have a blog and post about lots of other things besides yourself (I love that). You also have a real job in fashion (quadruple love). Your style is freaking kick butt and, in a sea of clowns at Somerset House, you stand out like a beacon of fashion hope. All black with a vintage fur layered over top and Raybans?! Hello. This is exactly what I want to wear. You were so nice when I asked to take your photo that I was a little stunned and ran away. Next time I promise I'll stay and chat for longer. xx

p.s. this photo is so big because I think you're larger than life.