Let me see you work it.

Heyy. I've just gotten home to Zurich - have crashed onto the sofa and am wondering whether the last two weeks really just happened. Taking a little break from fashion week related content to show you what I got up to yesterday. I did a shoot with Sandra for eBay's aw11 look book - guessing you didn't know eBay did look books? Don't worry, neither did I. When I first saw the selection of items I was going to wear I was a little unsure... 'What? You want me to wear something other than skinny jeans and converse?' I totally had to eat my words though because everything wound up looking great. It's so good to be pushed out of your comfort zone every now and again. Managed to rock a pair of dropped crotch trousers like a true champ - and there I was thinking it'd be a physical impossibility. The whole experience was so much fun. I've completely fallen in love with Andrea Linett, who co-founded Lucky Magazine and is now creative director at eBay fashion. She was styling the shoot and had on the mostfreaking awesome sparkle back boots from Barney's - which I now can't stop dreaming about.


Massive thank you to the photographer Damon Heath who didn't at all make me feel like it was my first time doing this sort of thing. Also, big thank you to Rachel. x