LFW Outfit: Day 5

Do you ever have those days where you wake up and can't find anything in your wardrobe to wear?

That's how I felt yesterday morning and so I had a last minute panic shop. It's fashion week though so this really isn't the sort of thing you ought to be doing at 9:30am when you've got shows starting at 10. Luckily, I've been staying in Covent Garden and so have a shoppers paradise right outside my front door. I scooted over to H&M for some budget retail therapy where I found this jumper, skirt and scarf - all for 35quid. I thew it on and ran out the door feeling quite the thrifty shopper...

Wearing: H&M jumper, scarf, skirt and socks (please note: this post is not sponsored by H&M - promise), Balenciaga boots (purchased from Caritas in Zurich) and Sambag tote.

First two photos by Sandra for Lily. Third photo by Frances.