Lessons in Lim (Pre Fall 2011 Edition)...

Rethink the sheath dress and the shell. Don't overlook a straight jacket or a pair of well cut trousers. The daily uniform never looked this good. Forget what your mom told you and mix black, navy and white. Arm yourself in sturdy multifunctional basics to fight against the daily grind. Lim's girls are warriors of the modern kind.

It's the colour that will take you perfectly from summer into fall - when days start getting shorter and tans start to fade. Wear it on its own to begin with and then layer soft greys overtop when the pale skin starts peeking out. To make a real statement, don't be shy, pile it on head to toe.

Raid your nan's closet and pile on your Sunday best. Then bring it back down to earth by throwing on some chunky black shoes and your most hard core biker jacket. A palette that rivals the feint blush of young love with moon-landing florals to boot. It's achingly feminine, slightly tongue in cheek, and reminds me a bit of what Blaire Waldorf might wear on a safari in Spring. Whatever you call it, I'll be adopting the look long before 'pre-fall' time creeps around.

Please note: I want to be a Lim lady.

All photos sourced from Vogue.com and can be found in their original format here.