Hello Akris, nice to meet you.

It seems I'm discovering all sorts of new things since moving to Switzerland... that sunshine is good for the soul, a fresh pretzel can heal all wounds, new scenery is refreshingly invigorating... and that Akris should be getting a lot more attention than it currently is. Understated quality pieces are where it's at in my books. Maybe it's because I'm finally done being a student or because the thought of buying one more poor quality over priced garment from a British high street store makes me feel nauseated... but labels, trends, and what's 'popular' feels so early noughties. I don't care what the label says, which celebrity wore it where, or if it fits into Grazia's* top trends... I just want to like it, have it fit well, and be good quality. History, design, and craftmanship are what I'm looking for... cue Akris.

The Swiss luxury brand that is going to celebrate it's 90th birthday next year has taken the high road in terms of brand authenticity. You wont find a perfume with their name smeared across it or a full page ad in Vogue with the hottest young starlet modeling its goods. Rather, they simply create beautifully constructed pieces and let their desirability spread by word of mouth. Their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection ticks all the right boxes: bold yellow and red (yesss!), soft shades of grey (my favouuurite), graphic futuristic prints (oh myy), plus the most wearable footwear in a range of sumptuous colours. Word of mouth starts in 5... 4... 3...

*no offense, you are my favourite weekly magazine

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