The here and Now...

As much as I might be a die-hard fashion lover, I've got to admit that techie things really get me excited. It might be because I was raised on Nintendo or because my Dad had a collection of DVDs 500 strong way back in 1996, but I've always been able to hold my own when it comes to electronic devices and have sent many a boy home crying because I was, and forever will be, the Donkey Kong champion.

Needless to say, when Samsung contacted me about being involved in the Now Project as part of the launch of their new Wave II phone I was pretty over the moon. The camera on the little device is seriously top notch and the phone has the coolest photo editing software and makes it super easy to upload artsy pictures straight onto facebook (or anywhere else on the web). I absolutely love the thing and have been using it ever since it was first given to me a few months back (a serious step-up as it transported me to the wonderful world of having internet on my phone - I know, sometimes I'm a bit behind on the times).

A couple of weeks ago Samsung hosted an exhibition at the Design Museum in London to showcase all the nifty pictures people had taken with their little Waves. It was such a treat to see the photos I had taken up on display (awwh, shucks). Besides just that, the event took place in a very swanky location and had views overlooking the London Bridge and all the offices in central London (whose lights never seem to go off)... which was all pretty heart warming for a girl who now is a bit of a tourist in the city.

[nggallery id=47]

First two photos feature the images I took for the project: Pandemonia at the Charlie le Mindu AW11 show and Oxford Circus the night before LFW began.

Must send out a very big Thank You to Samsung for hosting the event and sending me the Wave II phone. Also, massive love to Spreading Jam for including me as a participant in the Now Project. Always a pleasure (#tipshat). Other participants in the event included the ever lovely and very talented: Daniella, Kit, Charlie, Frances and Shini (in absentia).