Floral jammy bottoms...

Oh, it's just painful. It really is.
I totally get comfort dressing. I also get that by Friday some of us are suffering a little bit and are ready for the weekend. But come on people, that does not make it okay to wear your wrinkled jammy bottoms out - with heels! Have a little self-respect for crying out loud, this is a serious problem.
The coat is adorable. It really is, the more I look at it the more I am loving it. The little black ankle boots are very cool too. So why, why, would you ruin something that was almost so good by leaving on your floral pajama bottoms (she better have left those on, because if she actually decided to put them on we are going to have a whole other issue to tackle).
Don't be so lazy people.
I get that it is just Starbucks, but it's still outside. Your local coffee shop isn't your kitchen, okay? Put on some jeans next time.
Or, if you want to be a lazy butt then stick on some sweats - but not with heels. That's just stupid.