Drinking wine and looking fine...

Red leather jackets. Is it a short-man complex that you try to over compensate with a wannabe macho, 'let me sell you something out of my boot', jacket? Red leather is almost always tacky and cheap. This is no exception. (He was wearing it with a red velvet shirt, by the way.)

Whoa now. If your going to wear a cutsie racer back pink top with frills down the back at least bother to wear the right sort of bra. And no, I'm not oblivious to the trend of showing off your bra in a sort of edgy bad girl way, I totally get that. Click here to see how it's done.
But this isn't working for her, she just looks tac-tastic.

Edwardian style in a velvet blazer.

First of all, clearly this is not very warm - why would you want to have a quarter of your leg out when it's freezing outside? I am sure we have all been known to sacrifice warmth for style, so I could almost let her off the hook for that... almost.

Except that this is really ugly, so there really is no justification for it. Not only does it look stupid it's also unflattering because it cuts her leg into multiple segments making her look stumpy. It's not hot.

Bill Cosby sweaters anyone?

Don't, under any circumstance, wear nude tights with open toed shoes. Okay? Just don't do it.

Bad posture. Not hot no matter what you wear.