Flashback: Day 2 LFW


My superwoman powers failed me last week and, despite good intentions, I was physically unable to post everything the day it was shot. (Doh - as if going through 700 photos each night and waking up for shows at 9am is single handedly possible) So, as a result, we'll be dangling in a London Fashion Week related time-warp for a few more days... I know we've all mentally moved onto Milan (hello! Prada and their cars... spotted a pair of sunglasses at that show I'm desperate for and a pleated dress) but in my little world London is still where it's at.

So, it was Day 2... I went to DAKS, Masha Ma and Ashish - I always love the day that Ashish shows because Somerset House is suddenly taken over by people wearing rad sequins - this year they came in the form of red tartan jackets and trousers - hott. Then spent the remainder of the day dodging heavy bouts of unpredictable rain. It gave me an excuse to spend a while in Toms Cafe where I nibbled on chocolate cookies and drank lattes (yumm - can't complain about that).

Just want to say a big fat thank you to everyone that left comments or sent message about yesterday's post. Really appreciate that people took the time to read it. Means a lot.

p.s. to avoid posting on LFW forever I'll be putting a hefty chunk of photos up on facebook and tumblr.