am i the only person that thinks this was a bad idea?

agyness deyn with buddie pixie geldof at coachella festival in california rocking her new hair do... a shaved head? really? first it was bleached, then it was black, and then when all other shocking options seemed to have been exhausted came the 'sure to get you attention' idea of shave it all off. is there something in the water in LA that makes young starlets want to do this? granted, aggy doesn't look all that bad. her and natalie portman might be the only two women who can actually pull this look off. but, surely a bit of colour wouldn't do her any harm... that pale skin and dress are totally washing her out. she looks more like she is verging on the edge of having a medical disaster than a great time at the coolest musical festival around. do you think acne paid her to wear their dress when she debuted the hairstyle? surely she knew it would end up in every magazine around. if you feel so inclined to emulate aggy all you've got to do is grab the nearest razor and snatch up this acne gorgeous dress....
tah dah! dispensable fashionista in a bottle.

and, in other news kelly osbourne continues to sport her grandma inspired purple stiff curls. i like it when she goes for the retro vibe... but its all going a bit wrong, with the exception of the very cool saddle shoes.
no, sadly i didn't jump on a magic plane that can bypass volcanic dust and take me to LA - both photos are from here.