summer essentials: the perfect hat

the right summer hat is more powerful than your most coveted pair of shoes and has the ability to transform any drab outfit instantly with the flick of your pretty little wrist (provided your hat is connected to said wrist - and you make sure it lands on your head, not the floor - in which case you'll just look a bit daft). kicking off my list of summer essentials is the summer trilby. worn above, yesterday by yours truly, in the park to cover up some seriously dire bed head (the one i'm wearing is two seasons old from jigsaw i do believe). trilbies are the perfect way to ease yourself into summer hats because they aren't difficult to wear or too pretentious. which reminds me, yesterday i spotted a whole row of oxford toffs strolling through the park in matching boating hats and cream suits - seriously obnoxious. which brings us nicely to...
rule number 1 of sporting a hat: do not, under any circumstances, match your hat with your friend's hat. one person in a summer trilby = cool and original. a whole group = lame fancy dress. plus, whoever started wearing the hat first probably wont like you very much and rightfully so.
rule number 2: wear with confidence. most people start of feeling a bit self-conscious when sporting a hat but the last thing you want to do is look self-conscious. okay? so if you're going to dare to wear a hat, suck up your gut, push your shoulders back and walk with confidence. otherwise, just take it off and pass it to your envious friend who will probably want to wear it.
so which hat is for you? well, take your pick: break open your piggy bank savings and indulge in albertus swanepoel, eugenia kim, anthony peto or proceed with caution and go for a reasonably priced one from asos, reiss, or topshop. just be sure to avoid monstrosities like this one.