what better way to usher in spring...

the sun on your face, flower tucked behind your hair, bare legs, and a new dress... what better way is there to usher in the first warm weekend of spring? i've been trying to experiment a bit more with my outfits. to move beyond the normal skinny jeans, t-shirts, and hoodie combination that i wear most days. it's a difficult transition, i'm not going to lie to you. i tend to come up with an adventurous outfit (adventurous meaning not the aforementioned lazy-butt gear) and then 'ummm' and 'ahhh' about it until i reach a climatic state of paranoia (after such thoughts like: 'surely i look like a total spazz', 'everyone will stare'), rip the outfit off, quickly jump back into jeans/t-shirt combo, and run out the door before i can think twice about the decision (phew, near brush with disaster avoided!). but lately i've been putting my foot down. it is time for a change. so saturday morning, when it happened to be uncharacteristically warm outside, i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test out this new Rare dress i got. this is totally out of my comfort zone... for crying out loud it's a polka dot hoop dress! could i really wear this out in public?! after much deliberation and coaching from my husband, i decided to go for it. after all, you only live once, and chances are it will be months before its warm enough again in England to go bare legged and strapless. so i pulled on some black running shorts underneath (there was no way i could cycle into town in this dress without something underneath... uh, indecent exposure alert) and hoped for the best.
once i got into town i quickly loosened up about the dress and completely forgot that it wasn't the sort of thing i would wear on any given day. i was just too happy to be paranoid. it was so fun to lounge around the park wearing this gorgeous little retro polka dot dress. it felt like the perfect outfit for a perfect spring day. plus, i didn't get any funky tan lines from it. perfect for tanning in glamorous locations while still looking chic.
i am so glad i decided to bite the bullet and just wear it. what's the point of having cool items sitting in your closet if all they do is exactly that: sit in your closet? my challenge to you is to bust out some of those items that you think you've got to save for special occasions and just wear them.
if not today, then when? after all my dears, you only live once.
Wearing: Rare Polka Dot Hoop Dress, Madewell Jacket, Cabbages & Roses Plimsoles, Topshop Love ring, Primark sunglasses.