Topshop Unique SS12

It seems as though Cleopatra has been resurrected into a ghetto fabulous Londoner. The Topshop Unique SS12 show was a medley of bold faux-hieroglyphic prints, denim and '90s flavoured sportswear. Oh, and did I mention there was gold? After all, no urban goddess would be complete without a healthy dashing of Mr T's favourite accessory. I loved the prints, the soft pinks, the creamy tones and the entire concept.
It was held in such a wonderful space with the most incredible lighting. Waiting outside was like a slight circus. Every street style photographer you can imagine and hoards of paparazzi. Celebrities and the fashion gods were pouring in... certainly the best entertainment I've ever had while waiting in line.
p.s. start perfecting your crunches girlies... it seems the midriff is making a comeback.