The hunt: black wedges...

If you happen to follow me on Twitter you may have overseen a slight emotional breakdown earlier this week due to the fact that my-wardrobe has sold out of the perfect pair of black wedges in my size. The Mentor suede lace up wedge ankle boot have been at the top of my Autumn Winter wishlist (okay, just below the Acne sheepskin jacket) ever since I first laid eyes on them. You might be thinking, 'huh?? is this girl mental? they aren't even that special.' And you'd be right, they aren't that special but they are perfect. There are a lot of other black wedges with more flare but these little beauties would complete every outfit and remain a permanent fixture on my feet for months to come. *Snap out of it!* The fact is, they have sold out in my size. So I have been on a hunt for a replacement...

The KG by Kurt Geiger Winslow isn't a bad option. It is certainly the most practical and the cheapest. It has the lowest heel and would definitely be the easiest to walk in. See, I'm rubbish with heels. You may have noticed - converse tend to be my shoe of choice. The ability to walk in my shoes is actually a factor. But, there just seems to be something missing with these. They aren't fierce enough. Sure, you could wear them to work and probably stand up straight all day... but what's the point if you're totally tame?

Next I considered the Acne Admire, by a brand that is knocking out one statement shoe after the next. You can't argue with their fierceness: they would turn some heads. They are also 13cm tall and a whopping 400 pounds... even I have enough sense to know that is too expensive.

Okay, so if we are aiming for budget there is the Jeffery Campbell Pixie. But these still aren't even that cheap and they are a knockoff. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about JC and the truth is I don't want a less good version of the Mini Market boots. The zips look flimsy and even though no one would probably know or care... I would.

Then there is the Sam Edelman Zoyla. Lots of studs and they pack a serious 'attitude factor'. You couldn't be timid in these babies. Plus, they'll add a staggering 14cm to your height. That would make me 6ft tall. Realistically, I would wear them once and then leave them on the shelf. They are too glitzy and too high.

Which brings us to the Mini Market zipper wedge. There are tons of knock offs of these. If you spot a black wedge boot with a zip up the back, chances are they got the idea from here. They are by a very cool Swedish company and that fact alone has the power to sway my vote. The problem is they don't have a platform and reviews have reported that they are quite hard to walk in. But, they are the strongest contender.

The truth is though, none of these alternatives are good enough. Like they say in Inception, once you plant an idea in someone's mind you can't retract it.... accordingly, I'm left trying to figure out how to make the Mentors work.