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En Soie, Zurich

When you wander into En Soie you enter a magical little trove of treasures. The store is packed full of treats and is a bonafide Zurich gem. Since 1894 they've been producing handmade items, all designed in their atelier which is situated just up a cobblestoned road next to the store. 

If you pop into the shop you'll find racks of quirky clothes, a wall covered in scarves, cosmetic pouches, table wear, shoes, jewelry and pretty much anything else you could desire. At the moment it's decked out in full on Christmas cheer - with a tree and a table laid out as if guests should be arriving any moment for a feast. The staff are super friendly and you might even spot the resident dog lurking about if you're lucky. 

My favourite part though is a little secret situated at the back. The first few times I visited I didn't even notice it was there. There's a small staircase right next to the fitting rooms that goes down into a cellar. There you'll find a tiny little alcove filled from floor to ceiling with hand painted pottery. They've got everything you could need - checked dog bowls, plates, egg cups, massive vases and even adorable little ornaments shaped like sheep.

If you're ever in Zurich make sure to stop by En Soie, it's a must see in the city. Bypass the cheesy tourist shops and instead buy something special in here, you're sure to love it for years.

En Soie is located at Strehlgasse 26, Zurich 8001.