Style Crusades

About a month ago, I hosted a small event for a group of people to get together and discuss personal style. If you follow me on twitter or facebook chances are you might have heard about it there... it proved quite the challenge because, while the event was held in London, most of it was planned from Zurich. That, combined with having to find a new venue the day before the event, resulted in a serious headache and most things not going exactly to plan. Despite scorching London temperatures and getting trapped in a tube for an hour on the day, it all went surprisingly well.

The event was the first step in developing a company I'm hoping to set up over the next couple of months. A personal styling business that is aimed at helping people establish their own sense of style while, at the same time, introducing them to new and smaller brands/designers that will suit their lifestyle. The idea came about after an early morning flight from London to Zurich where I sat next to a German lawyer who showed an incredible interest in fashion but lacked the time and knowledge to find clothes that suited her lifestyle. We chatted the entire flight, mind you I never talk to people on planes especially not at 6am, and I left in a slightly dizzied whirlwind.

Style Crusades is the little love-child of everything that goes into this blog...

With special thanks to: Ella's Bakehouse, Vitamin Water and Exposure, My Wardrobe, Flik Hall, Laird & Co Hatters, Robinson Pelham, Golden Goose PR, Elizabeth Lau, Quiksilver, Tea & Cake PR and the Ehrmans for the last minute venue. Photos by Kit Lee.

I'm currently looking for brands that suit the profile and women in the London area interested in having a wee little rummage with me through their wardrobe. If you'd like to get involved in the project or want more information shoot me an e-mail: