Patouf: one to watch....

simple, chic and covetable... and made from glorious fabrics. totally unique and slightly off-beat. meet patouf. a swedish company that was founded by designer Anna Angseryd and combines sophisticated French cuts with 60/70s vintage inspired shapes - creating a feminine collection that has a scandinavian girly touch.

on day 1 of london fashion week i spotted Anna with one of her models mingling with the press under a tent. they took photos and did some interviews - but stood out to me predominately because of Anna's carefree and effortless style. that cardigan, the skirt, those blue wedge shoes... totally gorgeous. i pretty much would like to dress just like her. so i was totally chuffed when on day 5 i came across her stall in the exhibition hall and got to rummage through the rails of her collection.

the thing that stood out most to me was the fabrics... they really are stunning. Anna mentioned that she wants her collection to be the sort that her customer will want to keep and wear for a long time. she is committed to getting the best fabrics that are not only stunning but ethically sourced - that means no child labour, which is still common in many companies. so she makes sure there is nothing dodgy going on at any of the factories she uses. she tries to use organic materials when possible, and her dedication to handpicking the best fabrics from around the world is clearly evident in the quality of her products.
i'm totally in love with the whole collection and have already e-mailed her to find out how soon i can get my hands on some of my favourite pieces from the fall collection. which, in case you were wondering, are the faux fur jacket (pictured below) and black and white cardigan (that she is wearing above). plus all the dresses and skirts... ok ok, i seriously love it all and need to narrow down my choices.

this collection is not going to hit stores until september but you can check out the spring/summer collection on the patouf website. also, the online shop should be set up by April so for those of you who aren't lucky enough to have a shop in your hometown you can get your patouf filling online. i'm telling you guys - this is one to watch. in 2009 patouf was awarded the 'rookie of the year' award by the Swedish Fashion council... so clearly i'm not the only one who thinks so.