NYFW comes to an end today.

If you aren't following all the action on Snapchat, what are you doing with your life? Get. On. It. Here's a selection of our favorite collections from the SS16 shows and the key things to take away from the season.

Boss: felt much softer than past seasons. Normally, I think of the Boss girl as being one that's headed to a very serious office but that's no longer the case. It seems she is now a bit younger and a bit more carefree. I am now officially craving a suit. No actually, three suits: one in black, one white & one grey please. It seems that ethereal sheer pleats should come standard on every dress, a narrow wrap around belt is a must, and the chic leather sandal is staying around and must be worn with everything.

Thick electric blue eyeliner is also a must according to Jason Wu. But with it you may need the constant attention of someone that can apply it for you because, for real, that stuff looks messy.

Calvin Klein: highlight of the week. Something about this feels so much cooler and more effortless than past collections. Everything is very fluid. The skater sneakers paired with every look really brought it down to earth. I love the long coats over slinky silks, the gold body chain (yeah, for real), and the splattering of light neutral colors. 

Brock Collection: high. All about an easy dress and Brock had them in spades. They look chic, wearable and flattering. Exactly the sort of thing people would actually want to wear and look good in. The pieces make sense. I especially love the button up striped dress worn over jeans. It feels contemporary and quite grown up but still with an added edge. 

With that I bring my NYFW thoughts to a close. 

Photos via Vogue.com