Matthew Zorpas: LFW AW11

Two of the most incredible things about having started this blog have been that it has provided a platform to highlight new talent and has given me the opportunity to meet some great people. My encounters with Matthew Zorpas encapsulate both these features perfectly. We met just over a year ago and, in the short time that I've known him I've realized, he personifies everything I adore about fashion. Daring with what he wears, motivated to promote new generation designers, and always willing to take you along for a crazy ride... he is my most beloved fashion week friend.

Matthew's outfits during London Fashion Week always cause quite the stir. You'll never spot this boy without a hoard of photographers around him. He was, after all, voted Britain's second best dressed man by Esquire. Because I was curious about how he puts together an outfit for the city's most hotly watched event, I documented his wardrobe over the course of London Fashion Week. Below you'll find our favourite shots of Matthew's outfits and comments by the designers he chose to wear each day.

Day 1: MariosAlexander

'The suit is shaped around the idea of the 'role', fully emerged within the clown personal engaging the concept of modern living. Clownland reflects the life of the modern man and with its contemporary feel creates an alternative perspective on luxury clothing. Inspired by the history of performing arts and the idea of the role, this suit explores how costume can be transformed in order to create a fashion statement. With references to the clown character and influenced by the work of Charlie Chaplin, this collection captures an essence of romanticism and projects a sensitive man.' - MariosAlexander

Matthew wears: Suit and shirt by MariosAlexander.

Day 2: Harald Lunde Helgesen

'Denim's totally on my mind. The material of the masses and the material of the greatest global fashion impact since leopard prints and fake fur! Denim 2011, can it add anything new? I think so - D E N I M M X I ! Slashed, shredded, perforated and knitted - that's my suggestion for wearing denim next. Single Denim, double denim, triple denim.' - Harald Lunde Helgesen

Matthew wears: Shirt, waistcoat, jacket, jeans, and shoes by HLH Harald Lunde Helgesen.

Day 3: Dandan Zhang

'The pure white shirt with huge high collar, increases the sense of the mystery of men. Elegant design with exquisite details, creating a pure, bright, eternal and ultracool garment. The special shirt with leather decoration is from Dandan Zhang 'A Men's Toy' collection and the inspiration comes from vintage cars, like original sedan cars, vintage Beets and other classic cars.' - Dandan Zhang

Matthew wears: white shirt by Dandan Zhang, Cos jeans, Sanders shoes, and bag by Gianfranco Ferre.

Day 4: DimosNatar

'This season, I use knitwear as second skin, and vibrant colours disturbing the nude ambience. Mettalic yarns are used to produce pieces in seductive silhouettes. Neon colours are combined to produce a magnificent palette, with connotations of an underwear kingdom.' - Dimos Natar

Matthew wears: Suit and t-shirt by MariosAlexander, cardigan and scarf by DimosNatar, and Sanders shoes.

Menswear Day: MariosAlexander

Matthew wears: Shirt, waistcoat, and jacket by MariosAlexander. Jeans by Cos and Sanders shoes.

'My selection this year wanted to push the fashion boundaries but still look elegant and sophisticated. I chose designers who had a story to tell, a strong research and philosophy behind their brands. Many of the pieces were for the first time shown beyond the catwalk. It was a great experiment and a process to collect and mix them together. I loved every moment of this story. Fashion Weeks, especially London Fashion Week, is an opportunity for young designers to showcase the creative side of their collections. We, as influencers or insiders, should support them and get them out there, give them a chance within the industry.' - Matthew Zorpas

Things I've learned from Matthew: Sometimes more can definitely be more. Don't stick with one jacket when you can sport two. Layer thermal fleece under your fashion week outfit in the winter. It's cool to be nice to people. Speaking a foreign language will get you far. And, always have a surprise up your sleeve.

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