The last two days I've been running around London catching up with people and preparing for the madness that is being unleashed today. It has involved tackling public transport (I'm useless and always get lost), show room visits, model castings at Charlie May's studio (her second collection is being shown on Saturday evening - so excited), lots of errands and a Bjorn Borg party last night where oysters were served in abundance and Robyn/Coco Sumner pulled out the most incredible performance. I also chopped a few inches off my hair and went a little blonde at Taylor Taylor and some fake lashes again at Lash Lab. Feeling like a fresh new woman! Hah.

I'm staying at the Fielding Hotel in Covent Garden again and feel so lucky to be just a five minute walk from Somerset House - there's no other place in town I'd rather be (my favorite burger place is just around the corner, yesss, vanilla milkshakes everyday).

Photos include: Moxham bracelet, We Are Handsome printed pieces at Pfeffer PR, my messy closet at the Fielding Hotel, some favorite invites, and Pretty Ballerina flats. p.s. follow me on Twitter for regular LFW updates throughout the day.