Is street style dead?

There's an argument that says street style has become increasingly contrived. It's no longer about authentic individual style but rather has become a parade of famous faces and it items. No where is this more evident than during fashion week. People flock to the shows with the hope that they'll get photographed. They strut their stuff, pose while looking at their phone and wait for the desperate lenses to descend. The only problem is this has all become a bit fake. It's no longer about a person's style but more about whether they have the right mix of designer items.

Outside the Chanel show in Paris this season the madness of street style reached an all time low. Behold, the mini studio that was erected outside the venue. Complete with a massive reflector and a wall of photographers all getting the exact same shot. Authenticity and originality are lacking. It's one step further in the direction of making street style obsolete and uninspiring. Fingers crossed we never see this sort of set up again.

Please note: This studio setting was put up by French Elle but other people were snapping the same photos from behind their photographer.