'I can't wear these shoes to a model party!'

I have been meaning to show you these bad boys for a while. Basically, I bought them in a moment of panic... on day 1 of fashion week. I was in classes pretty much all day so was wearing some grunge-tastic student gear (i.e. leggings, converse, hoodie etc. - pictured below) when all of a sudden it turned out that not only was I having a blast (between classes) at Somerset House, but that we were going to some Oxygen model party that night. Yah, so you sense my problem, right? I could not wear those shoes to a model party. Naturally I would already be about half a foot shorter then everyone - and if they all had on heels and I didn't, well! that would just be a travesty. I would be like a little midget lost in a sea of tall gorgeous people... and we could not have that. So, we fled to Oxford Street (where all great fashion emergencies can quickly be remedied) in search of some fierce but cheap shoes. To my absolute surprise I spotted these little beauties in the sale section of Urban Outfitters they had a sticker on the sole that said 125.00 GBP but was marked through, and in its place said 19 pounds. Nineteen?!! Chiii-chiiiiing!! Primark shoes can cost 19 pounds sometimes. Oh, I was so happy. They were the only pair, they were in my size, they are death to walk in... but hey, a small price for a bit of 19-pound-glamour, they are real leather, and (did I mention?) they have the ability to transform any drab outfit into model-party-worthy perfection?! I was slightly petrified when I asked at the till if they were actually meant to be that cheap... luckily they were, and I headed off a seriously happy little girl... ready to take on the Oxygen models.
(photo credit to Jill for these pictures of Emerald and I)
p.s. sorry i don't have a photo of the complete outfit from that night - we didn't take any photos. but, don't worry i didn't just swap my shoes i swapped my top for something better too.