A stay in New York City isn't quite complete without a few key things: street food, a deli, museums, coffee and, I think, a night spent at the Crosby Street Hotel. This super gorgeous and ultra luxe little gem is situated in Soho and provides the perfect base for exploring the city's coolest neighborhood. While there we ate the world's yummiest eggs royal (my favourite) and explored some of the best things the city has to offer. It was perfect.

Read on to discover, what I think is, the perfect way to spend a day in NYC...


Wandering around NYC provides ample time to gaze at buildings (those fire escapes are so iconic). I know that looking up while you're walking around is the easiest way show off that you're a tourist... but when you are a tourist what's wrong with looking like one? Personally I don't mind. Slow down your walking so you can take in everything around you. There is plenty of good art to be found and lots of delicious street food to devour: hot dogs, pretzels and ice-cream are my personal favourites.




Hit up the New Museum (it's small but good) and be sure to visit the observation deck on the top floor - it has got great views of the city. Also, definitely check out the MoMA. It's crazy busy (an 8 hour line to get into the Rain Room?!) but well worth pushing your way through the crowds to get a glimpse at an entire wall covered in Andy Warhol's soup cans. Make sure to make time for lunch at Katz Delicatessen. They have the most enormous pastrami sandwiches (split one with a friend) and bring you a massive plate of pickles before you meal comes out. Iced coffee is always a must and I think Dean & Deluca do it best. They also serve donut muffins, which will undoubtedly rock your world.


 For dinner, head over to Hell's Kitchen and try out Ardesia wine bar. They have a great selection of drinks and do delicious little nibbles. We had pretzels and ricotta crostinis and they were both seriously tasty - well worth the cab ride to get there.