am i in heaven, or what?!

two of my favourite things (alexa chung & madewell) have come together and made a little baby: alexa chung for madewell. am i dreaming? could anything be more perfect? sure, new york fashion week is fabulous and intoxicating but this, well... now this is something i can actually afford, and that is exciting. it seriously looks like alexa has just reached into her closet, pulled out a few of her favourite things, given them to some girls to wear, and called it a fashion line. each piece looks like something you could see her wearing, in fact you probably have seen her in something similar before. i can't help it, i want and love it all. i can think of no other love child that could possibly make me happier...

i am loving that grey coat on the left and all the chunky leather menswear inspired shoes.

alexa chung herself with daisy lowe (left). desert boots with a stacked heel (right).

i seriously think i had a pair of striped overalls just like the model on the left when i was younger... so cute.
if you are not from the USA there is a big chance you are scratching your head thinking, 'uhh... and what exactly is madewell?' well dears, madewell is the little sister of j.crew. it is incredible and does fabulous pieces that feel quite unique but aren't insanely expensive. presently the stores are pretty limited and you can't even buy things online. so it still feels special and slightly unspoiled... no doubt that will all change now.
all this to say, i am totally excited for this collaboration and am hoping to get my hands on as many pieces as possible as soon as they hit stores... which wont be for another six months or so. geeze, why do they dangle such beautiful things in front of us and then snatch them away and make us wait half a year to get our fingers on them?!
p.s. to anyone who is wondering... i haven't given up on street style. i promise it will come back. i am still recovering from the stomach flu which shot me down late last week. i am hoping to trek over to somerset house on friday and snap some london fashion week peeps for your viewing pleasure...