alexander wang fall 2010...

With a visible change of inspiration, Wang's collection started with the modern bankers uniform and exploded it from within. It was dark and moody with cut out pieces, shredded looking fabric, thigh high leg warmers, velvet, belled leggings, metal studs, grey, pinstripes, and plenty of wet-look hair. It is definitely a different look and feel to the Wang we have all gotten used to and come to love. I felt a bit suspicious at first, but I think the modified direction is a good thing. It feels more grown up... in an appropriate way. Here are a few of my favourite shots from behind the scenes, plus a few incredible details.

(photos from: the cobra snake &
Alexander Wang and his collections are clearly a monumental force in the fashion world. I adore some of his pieces (what I wouldn't give to get my hands on his slouchy t-shirts and leather bags) but overall I wouldn't classify myself as one of his minions. I like it, but in small pieces. Actually I am kind of in love with the Helmut Lang Fall 2010 line. I think I prefer a bit more structure or lady-like-ness...? Maybe the wet-look hair puts me off a bit (I suffered a similar look once after trying a do-it-yourself hair mask that would not wash out, I am slightly scarred). What do you think? Are you an avid Wang-ette or is it not your cup of tea?