The first time I heard of Alaïa it was in 1995. I was sitting on the floor at my grandma's house in North Carolina watching Clueless. You know, that all important scene when Cher gets mugged? She's instructed to lie on the road but resists because she doesn't want to ruin her dress. At the time I was more concerned with brands like the Limited Too... and I really didn't get what all the fuss was about until I saw a collection in person and tried on the most freaky naughty shoes on the planet. 

 Alaïa make the most beautiful creations. They are so heavy and elaborate... impeccably crafted. You know when people get asked which one designer piece they would have - if they could have anything in the world? And just about everyone says something generic like a 2.5 Chanel bag... well, I'd undoubtedly pick a piece by Alaïa (okay, or Alexander McQueen). Anyway, the point is that Alaïa hadn't shown for eight years but just did at the couture shows. The Fall 2011 collection was a-ma-zing and just whizzed right past Givenchy, taking first place as my favourite. Okay, that's all... leaving you with this fine scene.

Cher: 'You don't understand this is an Alaïa'

Mugger: 'An a-what-a?'

Cher: 'It's like, a totally important designer.'