You know that feeling you get when you go to a museum and you've been there for a couple of hours?

You've seen so many paintings by incredible artists that you've become overwhelmed by it all. Your mind is a muddle and it has all melted into each other.  No matter how breathtaking the next piece is it won't register with you - you've seen too much.

At the time I didn't realize it, but that's how I felt when I saw the Lucas Nascimento spring 2014 collection.

It was my last show of fashion week. After five days, I'm pretty sure a parade of circus freaks covered in sparklers wouldn't have gotten a reaction out of me. Four months later and now the collection finally makes sense. It was elegant and paired back. There was a quietness and reserved atmosphere to the looks. They didn't try hard or demand attention, they simply were.

The models were intended to be in a state of undress. Some looked as though they had just stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around their waist. The colour palette was airy and ethereal with sherbet shades of orange and icy blues thrown in. Most of the fabrics were light and billowy but there was a selection of heavier leather pieces thrown in that added substance.

My favorite part was undoubtedly the simplest: spaghetti strapped tops that gently fell off the shoulder, thereby, creating the perfect undone feeling. That's definitely something I'll be adding to my box of tricks come spring. All the while knowing that it's not accidental but rather a nod to one of London's hottest new designers.

Photos by The Style Crusader.