you're invited: blogger cupcake party...

Where: Ella's Bakehouse in Covent Garden
When: 12pm Friday 19th March
Who: any bloggers or friends

Okay, so it isn't really a party. It is basically exactly what I do every other Friday afternoon but hopefully with a few new faces. If you are in the area and want to pop by it would be lovely to see you. Ella's does the most incredible cupcakes in London and they are located right at the heart of Covent Garden. You can sit outside, shoot the stylish folk who pass by, sip on a latte, get entranced by their cupcakes... honestly, this sounds like the perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon, right? I will be there until 2pm. Who knows, it may just end up being Jill and I... but it would be lovely to see any of you that are kicking around London. Aren't these bad boys too good to resist?