'you were on that show with gok, right?'

there weren't many people around and out she came walking from the the centre tent, all on her own... i ran over and asked, 'can i take your photo? you were on that show with gok wan, right?' oh my gosh. why am i such a loser? i can't believe that with such a lame introduction she was as nice to me as she was. you were on that show with gok wan?? oh geeze. somebody slap me. how about... you were a member of the The Fall and lead singer of The Adult Net in the 80s? or you launched the london boutique Start? anything other than the fact that she was on a show with gok wan*. oh, cringe worthy moment aside... she was so surprisingly nice. i don't know why this caught me off guard so much, it's not like other people at fashion week were horrible or something. i guess i just expected something more scarily fierce.
oh, i just realized you might not know who this woman that i am going on about is... she is Brix Smith-Start (former band member of The Fall & The Adult Net, now runs Start boutique in London, and appears on a plethora of British television shows ranging from, yes yes, gok's fashion fix and animal planet's top dog). she is american and has a bubbly and hilarious personality that she flounces around while totting her adorable little puppy with her, all the while wearing sickeningly beautiful designer clothes.

shortly after our encounter there were a number of stylish young men who trotted over to her to show their support... which, don't get me wrong, i was doing too. she is pretty fab. i mean, do you see that gorgeous fur and alexa bag??

* on gok: i used to like the man, i used to think his shows were amusing and i always liked laughing at those poor women's entire wardrobes strewn up on a line in a public place only for him to pull off 90% and point out why she should never wear them again. but, if i have to see one more naked english body on 'how to look good naked' i am going to lose it. also, seriously, for all the fashion advice the boy pours out surely he could wear something other than black harem pants and jumpers?