'you mean you really don't...?!'

Okay pumpkins, I have a confession. Today it became public knowledge that I (gasp) don't moisturize. I didn't realize what a big deal this is to some beauty junkies, I literally got stared down like an infested disease. This opened mouth astonishment was followed by a whole host of condescending comments about how horribly, horribly, dry my face was. Now, I wasn't actually offended because my face felt like a dried out desert. I could feel it cracking with each painful expression I made. So, I was urged to shimmy my hiney over to Boots and rectify the problem by purchasing some lotion for my face (apparently my left over Banana Boat Aloe infused one wasn't going to cut it).

This whole self-induced dramatic charade got me thinking... about girls and their beauty routines. To be honest, I don't put that much thought or effort into mine (as if you couldn't tell from the above explanation). But, there certainly is some method to the madness. I have come across a little bundle of products that are my absolute favourites and that I think you ought to know about.

From left: Urban Decay brush that I stole from my Mom (after giving it to her in her Christmas stocking) about seven years ago (is it gross that I still use it? it is so soft). Laura Mercier black thickening and building mascara. Nars Hot Wired lip lacquer. YSL rouge volupte in Red Temptation. Chanel nail polish in Blue Satin. Sephora Bronzer in Bora Bora. Smashbox Blushrush in Radiance. And, my favourite new discovery (the magic of transformed eyebrows...): LORAC Take a Brow in Brunette. The moisturizer and other products I picked up from Boots can be viewed here.

So, now you know. I'm a recovering anti-moisturizer junkie and I'm addicted to a good dose of bronzer. What's your beauty secret ladies? Anything amazing I should add to my list? Are you a die hard beauty junkie or a mascara and a swipe of blush sort of girl?