Recently, I declared on Twitter that if one more person mentioned a pink coat I would throw up. It has to be one of the trendiest items of the season. It has popped up in countless magazine editorials and has featured heavily on the pages of many a fashion blog. It's bold and daring and completely counter-intuitive. Pink is for spring, right, not winter.

But, that's sort of what makes it great. Getting dressed should be fun and nothing sucks more in the middle of winter than putting on a dull coat everyday. So enters the statement coat to save the day. Personally I prefer the plaid, pinstriped, and fluffy options... but for a moment I'm going to tip my hat in the direction of the pink coat because there is something wonderful about it. The fact that it makes absolutely no sense is exactly why it works.

Irina, from A Portable Package, wore hers at fashion week over a double denim ensemble. Perfectly nonchalant, she has popped her collar and pushed up her sleeves, and made the coat resemble a dressing gown. I like that it's a bit crumpled and disheveled. The red bag is unexpected and those plastic mules are heavenly.

So, just for today I'll admit I might have been wrong about the whole barfing thing. I'm  joining the masses in admiration for the pink coat.