wrap it up.

Exotic locations provided a healthy dose of inspiration for a number of the collections showcased at London Fashion Week and Jena.Theo's line was no exception. Models sauntered down the catwalk with larger-than-life turbans wrapped elaborately around their heads. The ethereal take on draping was carried throughout with cascading fabrics in soft shades of violate and cream. To avoid a too costumey Arabian-nights feel, tougher modern elements were mixed in: shredded denim, gold embelishment and, my personal favourite, an overexposure of details that could only resemble bandoliers. These chicks looked suited up for combat of the most unusual kind. The fabrics melted into themselves, in some cases making it unclear where one piece ends and another begins. Regardless, the details are striking and this is affirmed by the fact that I can't stop looking at the images, wishing that I too could be draped in pieces from the line. The show closed with an ellaborately contructed post-apocalyptic regal ensemble that, while probably best left to the Lady Gagas of the world, showcased the designers' multifaceted vision that is soundly rooted in pure design talent.

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